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Outcomes Assessment

Texas State University is committed to continuous improvement of units, programs, and actions through the identification and assessment of outcomes as well as through thoughtful reflection on the attainment of desired outcomes. Toward this end, a process was created to provide evidence of success and to encourage improvement. The intent is to develop a relatively simple process while encouraging the thoughtful discussion and planning necessary to improve and attain quality measures.

Our institutional accrediting body, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) like other programmatic accrediting organizations, requires administrative units and academic programs to have clear and measurable outcomes. Assessment of the achievement of outcomes provides evidence of success and indicates areas in need of improvement. Ultimately, assessment of outcomes is a means for maximizing the potential of all units, programs, and actions.

Check the following links for related information --

PROCESS The process for assessing outcomes is described in a step-by-step sequence.

CALENDAR  The outcomes assessment calendar for the current academic year provides deadlines for various phases of the assessment process.

ASSESSMENT LIAISONS  Liaisons provide support in the outcomes process and audit outcomes assessment report.

WEBSITE LINKS  Links to the various websites for entering, approving and reviewing outcomes assessments and related audits are available.

POLICY AND PROCEDURES  The policy and procedures statement guiding the outcomes assessment process is available through this link.

RESOURCES  Resources that may be helpful in developing an outcomes assessment strategy and reporting findings are provided.