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Accreditation Liaison

Responsible for ensuring the timely submission of annual institutional profiles and other SACS requested reports.

Core Requirements

Basic qualifications that an institution must meet to be accredited with the Commission on Colleges

Comprehensive Standards

Ensure that policies and procedures are in writing, approved through appropriate institutional processes, published, accessible, implemented, and enforced

Federal Requirements

Requirements mandated by federal government for all institutions

Compliance Certification

Once signed by the President and Accreditation Liaison, forms a “bond of integrity” with the Commission

Compliance Certification Team

A 19-member team of persons who have a key role in addressing issues related to SACS Principles of Accreditation.

Quality Enhancement Plan

Describes a course of action for institutional improvement crucial to enhancing educational quality that is directly related to student learning

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Task Force

Is comprised of 43 members representing a variety of constituent groups related to the selected QEP topic who are charged with developing the Quality Enhancement Plan.

Leadership Team

An internal team that manages and validates the institutional assessment of compliance with all Core Requirements and Comprehensive Standards

Off-site Review Committee

An external team that reviews the submitted Compliance Certifications to determine if the institution is in compliance with all requirements except QEP

On-site Review Committee

An external team that determines whether the institution is in compliance with the QEP and all requirements for which the report of the Off-site Review Committee indicated as “non-compliance” or “did not review”